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Frustrated writer?
Finding expression difficult?
Constant procrastinator?
Teaching: Making a Difference.
The demands of writing in the world of higher education are growing. Competition for the best scholarships, graduate school positions, and career opportunities are dependent on writing skills. Students may begin their lives in higher education lacking the skills necessary to truly excel as competent writers. Without adequate training in writing, students may find themselves unprepared or under prepared to write according to the advanced expectations of the institutions of higher education. They become frustrated because they simply lack the writing foundation and tools needed to help them succeed.

Teaching: Making a Difference

Teaching: Making a Difference provides students the opportunity and tools they need to become successful writers. This is not a text book. Teaching: Making a Difference is not just another website that helps create bibliographies and references. It is an interactive program designed to guide students to successfully complete their writing assignments in a manner that college and higher education professionals expect. It provides students the guidance they need to ensure their success as writers in the world of higher education and beyond.
College writing requires a professional style of writing that this is designed to help promote. Focusing on argumentative and persuasive writing styles, Teaching: Making a Difference is flexible enough to work within the typical college level assignment. How does is work? This easy to use, interactive program, allows students to use templates that help shape the student’s writing so it more aptly fits the expectations of higher education.
Teaching: Making a Difference begins with interactive templates that reinforce the ideas and procedures of argumentative and persuasive writing. Students type their ideas directly into these templates where they receive comments that help them better prepare their writing.

The benefits of Teaching: Making a Difference include:

*Constant monitoring of writing and appropriate feedback for assignments
*Flexible programming that is easy to use and helps students stay on track to stop procrastinating on those hard to start assignments.
*Input that is easy to understand as it guides students to produce work that fits the expectations of college level assessments.
*Step-by-Step feedback that helps students write strong arguments that show their comprehension of text and concepts.

Teaching: Making a Difference also provides resources to help students reference and cite text, a necessary skill in higher education. It demystifies the world of citation while helping students use credible and reliable sources to strengthen their ideas and more confidently express their knowledge.

Ideal for the undergraduate, students may choose to select a six or twelve month plan. For only $29.95 students can have full access to Teaching: Making a Difference for six months. This is a perfect gift for the rising college freshman, as it will help them prepare for success as a new college writer. The twelve month subscription, for only $49.95 will assist those students with a heavier writing load or perhaps those students who need additional help accessing and utilizing their writing skills.
Your order of Teaching: Making a Difference will provide the undergraduate writer with a tool to help them succeed in their college classes and into the professional world. Writing is the gateway to success and Teaching: Making a Difference provides the tools necessary to ensure success for any student.


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