Financial Accounting

Nowadays, students all around the world are taking classes in college to prep them for their future careers. These classes carry tons of information that can be a little confusing and hard to memorize. This is why students have the privilege to own school books to help them understand the information better and more clearly. One of the many books college students are using today is the Financial Accounting book by John Hoggett, Jerry J Weygandt, Donald E. Kieso, and Paul D. Kimmel. This book is extremely helpful for students taking courses that revolve around business accounting. This book is apart of the WileyPLUS catalog collection. WileyPLUS is a research-based online area where students are allowed to browse many different catalogs of school books that are effective for teaching and learning. Fortunately, the Financial Accounting John Hoggett book is sure help student greatly. Here is some more information on this book.

As said before, the WileyPLUS Financial Accounting book is mainly used by college students for their business accounting classes. This book covers a wide range of topics that financial accounting students are required to know in order to graduate, obviously. Some of the major topics covered are Accounting in Action, Inventories, Fraud, Internal Control, Money, Investments, Natural Resources, and lastly, Plant and Intangible Assets. All of these topics mentioned above and many more are covered in detail in order to effectively inform and teach students. These topics are usually broken down into parts and then connected in the end of book in order to create a better flow of learning for the student. In fact, WileyPLUS also provides a learning module called ORION that comes with the Financial Accounting John Hoggett book. This learning module allows students to be able to process the information better since it would be broken up into to units/parts.

This Financial Accounting book also provides students with extra resources in the back that will break down the topics covered in the book. These resources include information exercises broken up into sets and some tests preps that should be taken before students take the final test in order to see how much they have learned and retained from the book. In fact, WileyPLUS aids students who are using this book by providing study resources like informative powerpoints that contain key concepts, images, and problems that are seen in the textbook. Overall, this accounting book is great on its own, but ever since the authors have teamed up with WileyPLUS to help students even more, the book has become a successful hit!

As said before, this Financial Accounting John Hoggett book was designed to help students grasp the concepts of business accounting, more specifically, financial accounting. Also, with the help of WileyPLUS, students are able to grasp even more from this book! Overall, it is important that students learn and retain information from their textbooks in order to ace all their college exams. Fortunately, this book is extremely helpful to students and makes learning simple and breezy, which of course will make things easier in the classroom.


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