What you need for label printing

What you need for label printing

Product manufacturers are required to use labeling tools for merchandise and shipping packaging. When choosing a labeling medium, the question arises: what do you need for label printing? The first and most important thing is to determine the quality and material of the label itself, its size. Then, depending on the conditions of use and storage of the goods, determine the type of adhesive layer and the type of printing on the surface. All these characteristics are taken into account at the initial stage of planning and drawing up the layout for the label.

If the manufacturer of the products prints a large number of labels with variable information, it makes sense to order labels with a preprint. These labeling tools are produced in large quantities with a template image designed for further imprinting of the desired information.

The type of product influences the choice of the label. Various natural and synthetic materials, special finishing, protective coatings are used for their production. They come in cuts or rolls.

What is needed for printing labels

The main area of application – food products, retail stores, food production. When choosing labelling means for products to be stored in unfavorable conditions and with big temperature differences paper labels with TOP coating and reinforced adhesive layer are used. Paper labels are also used for beverages, alcoholic products, canned goods, frozen food products.

Synthetic labels

For food labels, in addition to paper, materials such as film, polypropylene are used. They are applied to plastic or glass packaging, can be full color.

Industrial labels for complex non-food products are usually made of stable synthetic materials: polypropylene, polyamide, polyester, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene. Types of printing for drawing – thermal transfer, flexographic, offset. Labels are suitable for labeling of chemical products, automotive chemicals, medicines, fertilizers.

Heavy-duty labels

Products or products that will be used in aggressive environments require an additional enhancement of label resistance and an extension of their service life. We offer the following models for this purpose: Mondo-Bondo, labels of our own design . These models of labeling use reinforced adhesive layer, very strong and resistant to damage materials, thermal transfer printing with resin ribbons.

Beautiful multi-color labels require the use of different types of printing. Ordering a large print run implies the use of special machines for flexo printing, silkscreen printing, with possible foil finishing or lamination. These types of printing can be done only in printing conditions on special equipment with professional training and maintenance. Therefore, the production of bright colorful labels is usually ordered in companies for the production of means of labeling.

How to print labels in the printing press

Flexographic printing is designed for the production of large runs. Allows the production of colored labels, with large quantities significantly reduces the cost per unit. Provides fast fulfillment of an order.

Digital printing on an industrial printer helps to produce full-color labels, suitable for the production of small runs, which does not affect the cost per unit.

Thermal transfer printing uses resin or wax based inks and can work on any surface. Widely used for the production of labels for all types of production, services, transport and logistics companies. Prints on textiles, paper, synthetic materials, uneven surfaces and products exposed to aggressive environments.

What you need for label printing

Thermal printing is the most simple and inexpensive type of printing, it is widely used not only in printing shops, but also for independent application of information on labels.

The company instantptinting offers all kinds of printing and label production. We have our own equipment, we work with any drawings, we provide services for the development of individual designs.

For self-painting in the production of the image, we offer special printers. There is a wide range of printing equipment for labels on our site. The choice of the right model depends on the class of labeling media and the purpose of the application. It is also important to consider the performance of the printing device and its operating conditions. Industrial label printers are the highest-performing ones.

Types of printers for self-labeling

What you need for Kiss Cut Labels Printing
Thermotransfer, thermal printers and digital devices are used for preprinting information into labels directly in production. This is because these types of work are performed by small devices, which are easy to use, easy to install and quickly connected to the automation system. They do not require the presence of specially trained personnel, have an intuitive interface. They can be integrated with any production management system and are compatible with the working version of 1C.

The range of printers for industrial printing is represented by a large number of models. The choice of device depends on customer requirements, printing speed and type of image.

Thermal printers print on paper labels with upper thermal-sensitive layer. The images are usually monochrome and the print on the surface of the label is obtained by changing the color of the thermal paper under the influence of the heating elements of the print head. We offer thermal printers Toshiba and Atol for medium and large enterprises, we provide delivery and setup equipment.

Thermal transfer printers from leading manufacturers Godex, Citizen, Zebra, Datamax provide high quality color images, can print graphic information, codes, logos, pictures. For their work, requires the installation of thermal transfer ribbon ribbons. Ribbons are a long strip with paint on its surface. The ribbon is to be replaced as it is used up. It is the most universal type of printing used in all areas of production, trade and services. It is used for self-labeling and for imprinting information into pre-print templates.

What you need for label printing

One of the few models of Epson ColorWorks C7500 inkjet printers is available in our store. Printing technology allows you to serve not only production, but also suitable for services, medical institutions, used in transport. Works with interchangeable four-color cartridges, prints on self-adhesive paper labels.

Digital printing on OKI Pro 1050 printer allows you to quickly print color price tags and labels for stores. The device prints on plain and glossy paper, synthetic film and other resistant materials. The main advantage: excellent image quality, high speed of work with the layout, fast changes in the design.

With such a huge choice, customers take a long time to study the capabilities of each device. You can get professional help in choosing printers by contacting us for advice. We have worked with printing equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers for many years. We can choose the best variant for your company, advise you on the choice of labels, and help you set up the equipment. We also provide after-sales service.


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