The best Web and mobile Apps for small and medium businesses

Small and medium businesses know that bringing the proper tools for the duty is essential to success. Software apps aren’t any different. If trades workers show up to the positioning with poorly optimised apps, they won’t be able to provide fast and prime quality service. The most effective apps should make life easier for managers and tradies who are constantly on the road.

The apps below are designed to try to do just that.

1. hipages

hipages is Australia’s much loved job board for trades businesses within the home improvement industry. The platform allows you to look at up-to-date job listings that apply to your technicians’ expertise, advertise your business by creating a web profile, and make contact with customers. What’s more, hipages provides a simple thanks to manage quotes and realize any job requests in your local area. If you wish to extend your company’s reach and acquire more leads, get listed on hipages.

2. Microsoft Teams

Collaborating with subcontractors and other field technicians via email isn’t the foremost efficient use of it slow. A much better alternative is to implement Microsoft Teams, a strong platform that comes with instant messaging, file sharing, HD voice calls and video that actually cab achieve better results with Conference Mobile Applications. These features enable you to speak in real time, and since the app relies on the net, you don’t should get hold of expensive local and trunk call rates. The most effective part is Teams can integrate with a large form of productivity apps, so projects involving multiple people are in one place.

3. Houzz

If you’re searching for inspiration for your next home renovation and style job, Houzz is that the solution. It’s an internet platform where people can share ideas about architecture, interior design, landscaping, and residential improvement. The app also permits you to create a business profile and converse with homeowners about design plans and quotes. Very similar to hipages, Houzz will be an excellent place to push your business and add more jobs to your roster.

4. Xero, QuickBooks, MYOB Online

In terms of accounting apps, you’ll be able to get it right with Xero, QuickBooks, or MYOB Online. For one, tradies can use these apps to make detailed expense reports by scanning receipts with their phone camera and tracking time spent on the road. They’ll also produce invoices quickly after employment has been completed and schedule automated reminders to chase any outstanding payments. Finally, data is stored in a very centralised platform, so you have got clear visibility of your company’s finances and address income issues early.

5. Square Point of Sale

Trades businesses that accept mobile and mastercard payments can gain serious benefits by implementing Square Point of Sale. This intuitive mobile point of sale system allows tradies to process a range of payment methods — including Visa, MasterCard, and Apple Pay — on the go. All you’ve got to try and do is connect a Square chip card reader on your phone, and wait one to 2 business days for payments to be transferred to your account. (Keep in mind that a 1.9% surcharge applies to every transaction)

6. Paper

Paper by WeTransfer is an intuitive drawing and note-taking app tradies can use on the go. It allows you to form checklists, diagrams, illustrations, and style templates for similar jobs. Additionally, Paper permits you to add multiple photos and blueprints to one page and edit them however you prefer, which is particularly useful for remodelling and style projects.

7. iHandy Carpenter

In case you don’t have space in your toolkit for your measuring instruments, iHandy Carpenter could be a great all-in-one tool for the fashionable tradie. This app features a bubble level bar for checking if surfaces are level, a bob to live the verticality of an object, a protractor and a ruler. Each of those tools works using gesture-based interactions. As an example, to use the ruler, you just sweep your mobile device across a surface from left and right to live length.

8. Google/Apple Maps

Tradies are constantly on the move, which is why it’s crucial that they know the way to seek out their way round the area. Both Google Maps and Apple Maps are essential free navigation apps tradies should always wear the road. They observe of traffic patterns and atmospheric condition in real time, estimate the time of arrival, and find the optimal route to the task site. It’s even supported by GPS technology, allowing you to access the map in areas with weak network coverage.

Consider incorporating either app into your job management app. Doing so ensures tradies always hit the duty site on time and with the proper tools, saving them from making return trips and keeping customers happy.

9. iAuditor

Any project that involves audits or inspections is streamlined using iAuditor. You’ll design checklist templates to form every review consistent. Tradies can then collect detailed information by taking pictures of the task site, track location information, and write or dictate additional notes. After the inspection, users can quickly generate a report, sign it employing a digital signature, and export it in an exceedingly kind of formats.

10. WorkBuddy

Tradies face an uphill battle once they don’t have access to top-class job management software (JMS) like WorkBuddy. Unlike other standard solutions, WorkBuddy integrates with a large array of third-party applications, from accounting systems to navigation software, to streamline your trade. As an example, the app permits you to log service codes, material codes and billable hours. The data can then be fed into your accounting database so you’ll bill your customers correctly.

Beyond invoicing, WorkBuddy makes it easy to schedule appointments, prioritise projects, and assign the correct specialist for the work. It even is a planning tool, allowing you to form equipment lists and task items tradies must complete to deliver high-quality work.