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Fundamentals of Corporate Finance is an essential book for students in a variety of subject areas. The success of development policy often relies on the astuteness of policy makers to make the appropriate economic considerations. The author of this book, Julie Schaffner has acquired her AB at the University of Michigan and has completed her PhD at Yale University. She is now a successful professor and researcher in economics. She is an associate professor at Tufts University, and was formerly a senior research scholar at Stanford University. Julie Schaffner is an advisor for the International Monetary Fund and UNISCO, her work has often been focused on eradicating poverty in the developing world.

Her economic approach makes her insight on the matter unique when compared to other authors. It is rare for an author in development to also be extremely experienced and trained in economic topics. In matters of policy, it is always critical to take an integrated approach and to have a framework developed for tackling any problem. Julie Schaffner utilizes her extensive experience in the field to develop systematic approaches to economic policy concerns. The information Julie Schaffner uses is based on a pragmatic research, and it is highly empirical for a book of its kind. This book helps define common goals in Fundamentals of Corporate Finance and also sheds insight on how to make proper development interventions. Due to the extreme potential for influence, involvement in the development world should not be taken with levity.

Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, 3rd Edition covers a variety of imperative topics such as agriculture, education and public health. These are important issues for nations all over the world, and developing countries are no exception. This book includes an alternative approach to undertaking these concerns. For students who are wondering about the importance of Fundamentals of Corporate Finance and for those who want to perceive major development objectives, this book is certain to be extremely insightful. In a society of change, and globalization, there are many factors that must be considered in order to be sensitive to the people of the developing world when making policy recomendations. There is always the possibility of increasing harm instead of promoting welfare, and this is why in depth policy considerations are foundational to any development intervention. Fundamentals of Corporate Finance helps readers think in the context of social problems while using economic tools of analysis.

Economics can be a significant tool for the mobilization of people and goods and this is why they are relevant to all humanitarian efforts. An economic outlook embodies factors such as risks, transportation costs, information problems and institutional rules. Schaffner analyses this and many other elements to provide an integrated approach to resolving development problems.

Fundamentals of Corporate Finance textbook and eBook

Policy is an incredibly powerful tool in the making of any wide-scale change, a small amount of planning and precaution, can often have a tremendous affect on the health and well being of millions of people. This is why it is recommended for all students who are interested in policy and the developing world to equip themselves with the tools Julie Schaffner teaches in Fundamentals of Corporate Finance.


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