What is aerial photography?

Photography is an art of creating some durable images by camera. The purpose of photography depends on what you want to achieve, and you want to make a documentary, explore nature, or need some pictures for news. Based on your purpose of photography and different ways of doing so, it comes up with several types. One of the trendy and creative types of photography is aerial photography. Here we will discuss what is aerial photography, its types, and uses.

Taking pictures using some kind of aircraft or other airborne platforms like a kite, blimps, unmanned aircraft, helicopters, rockets, parachutes, etc. you capture oblique or vertical photographs. Mainly the purpose of aerial photography is to visualize and illustrate as because of distortions, extracted measurements are not accurate. It is different from air to air photography that uses one or more aircraft as chase planes that follow and photograph other aircraft.

Types of aerial photography

Aerial photography is a fantastic form of art that lets you do some innovative experiments.

Oblique aerial photography

Those photographs you take from an angle are termed as oblique photographs. Oblique photographs are now of two types low and high oblique photographs. If you take pictures at a relatively low angle from the Earth, these are called low oblique photographs, and those you take from a high angle are called high oblique paragraphs.

Vertical aerial photography

These kinds of photographs are mainly used in photogrammetry and are taken from up straight down. Specially designed large format cameras are used for this type of photography. These cameras documented and calibrated geometric properties.

Combination photography

Aerial photography can also be combined with other forms of photography, depending on what you want. You can take pictures in different formats and then can combine them.

Ortho photos

For creating Orthophotos, mostly vertical photographs are used. Ortho photos are also known as Orthophoto maps. These are the photographs corrected to use as a map. These photographs are mainly used in geographic information systems. Mapping agencies use these photographs to create maps.

Uses of aerial photography

Aerial photography has several uses. some of these are mentioned here:

  1. Vertical aerial photography has its applications in cartography, especially in photogrammetric surveys. It is also used archeology and land-use planning.
  2. Oblique aerial photography has its uses in environmental studies, power line inspection, construction progress, movie production, commercial advertising, artistic projects, and conveyance.
  3. Orthophotos have their use in creating and correcting the maps.

So aerial photography gives you a variety of options to explore your talent and, at the same time, explore Earth. Now you can also use radio-controlled aircraft for low angle aerial photography. Advances are made continuously to improve this fantastic form of photography. These advances can take mapping and advertising to the next level. It also has its application in military and intelligence. If you are interested in this sort of photography and also have skills or eager to learn about this, you are going to have a bright future as a photographer.