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English writingFrustrated writer?
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Teaching: Making a Difference.
The demands of writing in the world of higher education are growing. Competition for the best scholarships, graduate school positions, and career opportunities are dependent on writing skills. Students may begin their lives in higher education lacking the skills necessary to truly excel as competent writers. Without adequate training in writing, students may find themselves unprepared or under prepared to write according to the advanced expectations of the institutions of higher education. They become frustrated because they simply lack the writing foundation and tools needed to help them succeed. read more

Development Economics textbook and eBook

Development EconomicsFundamentals of Corporate Finance is an essential book for students in a variety of subject areas. The success of development policy often relies on the astuteness of policy makers to make the appropriate economic considerations. The author of this book, Julie Schaffner has acquired her AB at the University of Michigan and has completed her PhD at Yale University. She is now a successful professor and researcher in economics. She is an associate professor at Tufts University, and was formerly a senior research scholar at Stanford University. Julie Schaffner is an advisor for the International Monetary Fund and UNISCO, her work has often been focused on eradicating poverty in the developing world. read more